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In a bright and open concept, La Maison des Enfants Montessori de Longueuil welcomes children from ages 18 months to 5 years.  This adapted environment, which enhances their development is offered in a trilingual setting (English, French and Spanish).

In an effort to preserve the individual particularities and differences of each child, the purpose of this program is to respect the rhythm and development of the child. Each child needs three important aspects in their development : self-confidence, self-esteem and autonomy.

The secret to respecting the child is found within their environment. The more favorable the environment, the more information the child absorbs.


The child evolves in an adapted context, accompanied on this journey by a team of educators who aid in their learning with the help of activities developed by Maria Montessori. These activities are divided in five sections : 



A - Practical Life ; available on both sides of the class focuses on daily events, buttoning/unbuttoning, washing a table, pouring, cutting paper, sewing, etc..

Result :

  • Refining their gestures
  • Developing their motor skills/li>
  • Developing their cycle of concentration that will benefit them throughout their lives in their future accomplishments. Short and long activities that allows them to further develop their concentration as well.  The children are free to practice these activities as many times as they wish in order to acquire more self-esteem and autonomy.




B - Sensorial ; is also found on both sides of the class and contains activities that teach the notions of big/small, smooth/rough, light/dark, etc.. The children can explore these activites with their five senses (touch, sight, sound, smell and taste).


Result :

  • Discriminate objects
  • Compare objects
  • Refine their senses
  • Give a sense of order of their perceptions
  • Classify objects
  • Name objects


How ? Through different games : retrieve an object out of site, memorise at a distance.




C - Language development; initiates children to reading and writing through sound analysis games, sound association and signs, but also through the refinement of writing skills using sensorial material.


Result :

  • Analyzing sounds
  • Recognizing symbols
  • Associating sounds and symbols
  • Introduction to grammer
  • Reading first syllables
  • Reading first words
  • Understanding sentences
  • Initiation to different word types

D - Mathematics ;allows the child to experiment the concept of numbers, quantities and operations.  Certain children will be passionate enough to learn division.   

Result :

  • Recognizing symbols
  • Learning numbers 
  • Learning quantities
  • Initiation to the concept of operations

E - Culture ; regroups geography, botany, music, science and the arts. These activities awakens their curiosity within the child and allows them to start comprehending the world in which the live. The opening of the spirit, discovering other cultures and

the planet earth, such as the continents, the oceans, the animals native to the different countries and the seasons are just some of the subjets that the children are exposed to in our environment.


The combination of a prepared environment, a team of reassuring and guiding educators focused on the individual needs of each, along with children of different ages allows a positive interaction and facilitates the sharing of knowledge between the younger and older children.  This cohesion develops an approach within the child centered on finding solutions. 


It is with kindness, respect and understanding that we will succeed in building the world of tomorrow.

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Telephone: 450-332-7255


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