A day at Montessori

It is through a joyful learning experience that a child will blossom and develop without fear. A day at La Maison des Enfants is founded on a rhythm that respects the needs of the children, giving them the freedom to explore.



7:00 - 8:30  

Daycare service.


8:30 - 9:00   

The Montessori activities begin.  Free access to breakfast (cereal and milk) is served until 10am for those who wish to eat.


Time to sit around the ellipse to exchange ideas of the current theme.  As well, it is time to assign the classroom chores to the children who wish to participate.  These chores consist of placing the table, organizing the class, preparing the fruit for snack, etc.


Lunch.  Each child sits at a table set for four with a fork, knife, plate and a glass. As of 18 months, the children are learning to use their utensils during lunch.  One child per table is in charge of serving the other children with respect and courtesy.



After washing their face and hands, the younger children are off to be changed and then ready for a nap.  The older children are read a story before going outside.



Playtime outside.




The older children come inside for a 10 minute relax period before the activities resume.







Afternoon activities according to the program planned at the beginning of the school year.


4:00 - 4:30

School ends for the day.



4:30 - 6:00   

Daycare service.



Daycare service from 7am until 8:30am and from 4:30pm until 6pm


The educator in charge of the morning daycare at La Maison des Enfants greets the children with a smile.  Each child takes their time installing themselves in their envrionment.  They have the choice of eating breakfast, colouring, reading or taking care of the class, such as watering the plants. The educator during the afternoon daycare will watch over the children as they have free play until 6pm when the school closes.



2 options are offered.:

  • A catering service from Tuesday until Friday and a lunch box that the parents provide for their child on Mondays.
  • You can choose to provide a lunch box every day of the week.


The catering service will try its best to respect any particular requests (allergies, no pork, no lactose..)



Afternoon activities

During the week, we offer the children a chance to experiment in a variety of activities.  Thanks to our educators, the children will be introduced to theatre, tae-kwon-do, dance, music, sewing and baking.



Each child is offered an agenda in which an educator communicates with the parents and notes how the child was throughout the day ; how their appetite was, if they had a nap and the different activities or achievements completed by the child.


Telephone: 450-332-7255