Maria Montessori



Maria Montessori believed that children have the capacity to absorb their surroundings by being exposed to different things without having to feel that they are forced upon them or having been taught.  Through this, Maria Montessori seen that children had more fun learning and less time feeling bored and tired.  She then decided to expanded the child’s knowledge by learning in many different areas such as botany, mathematics and more. The children learned spontaneously and with creativity.

She believed that children learned through exposure to cultural activities. She said that the teacher's role was not to teach, but to prepare and arrange a series of learning opportunities which each child can move through instinctively.

Maria Montessori hired carpenters to build the first ever child sized chairs as well as child sized desks so that they would feel more comfortable when learning different activities.  and desks to make them comfortable for learning. As well, the children were given options to learn at desks or on the floor, in which was set up with carpets and pillows. 


Maria Montessori’s methods were taught in many different countries including Africa, Sri Lanka, India, and various parts of Europe.

The Montessori approach and its effectiveness has been studied and its results indicate that Montessori children have advanced in their behavioral and academic skills compared to children that have been placed in a regular educational system.  

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